Salamatina LLC New York

Portrait, 2003
acrylic gelatin on canvas,
20 x 17.5 inches

The Intruder, 2004
acrylic gelatin on canvas,
20 x 16 inches

Blue Tattoo Long Island, 2009
10-canvas installation on a multi-dimensional expanse. Each canvas is painted on the front surface, as well as on the sides

Gasper Jemec

Gasper Jemec is an artist whose work is both timeless and unique. The son of a painter, he became aware of his own creativity at a precocious age and devoted his life to cultivating a restless and experimental nature. Jemec’s multi-media work is both sensual and cerebral, and he blends technology with tradition in order to manipulate texture, color and light in new and stimulating ways. Jemec often works in several disciplines at one time, freely moving from painting to sculpture, photography and installation. In some works he demonstrates a virtuosity of color; in others it is the absence of color which makes an aesthetic or philosophical statement.

Jemec constantly alters his materials and techniques to imbue each phase of his career with freshness and mystique. His explorations include canvases in viscose acrylic gelatine, which demonstrate the push-pull between control and chance, using the material’s transparency and fluidity to create spontaneous shapes or fractals. Jemec has also transformed the act of painting with a new medium that debates the integrity and completeness of a work of art. He reproduces a painted image as a print on Plexiglass, which is lit from behind. The image can be optically assembled and disassembled at the viewer’s whim, with details emphasized or enlarged. Jemec has thus replaced the passive painting on canvas with a revolutionary, active canvas, creating an illusion of endless possibilities and unlimited space.

Gasper Jemec was born in Slovenia in 1975. He enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where he studied painting and sculpture both as an undergraduate and as a graduate student. Jemec also did graduate work in painting at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in America. As a Herder scholarship winner, he further trained in sculpture at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. His work has been widely exhibited in solo and group shows all over the world, from Slovenia to America, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, and Sweden. He has lived and worked in Los Angeles and New York, and currently resides in his native country.