Salamatina LLC New York

Lisa Wade, Flag II (America/Afghanistan II)
painted fabric stretched on wood, 125 x 82 cm (49.2 x 32.2 in.), 2008

Lisa Wade, For Francis II, painted fabric stretched on wood
38 x 38 cm (15 x 15 in.), 2007

Lisa Wade

Lisa Wade is an American artist who lives and works in Italy. Her touchstone is the flag, not as a Pop icon or pristine emblem, but as the embodiment of her interpretations of historical patterns, current events and contemporary political dogma. She creates her flags and installations from the weathered and stained fabric of olive nets, and their textured surfaces are painted with tar in controlled yet violent strokes. Lisa is both painter and sculptor as she manipulates her materials into meditations on national identity: the flag for America and the bear for Russia. Her odes to Francis Scott Key, the writer of The Star-Spangled Banner, reflect upon a battle worn and faded America … but remind us of a nation whose strong ideals and unshakeable faith have risen above difficulties both past and present.

Born in Washington, D.C. in 1972, Lisa received her Masters of Fine Art in Painting from American University, and studied in Rome and Washington, D.C. Her work has been widely exhibited in both Italy and America, and she has also taught mixed media painting, drawing and Italian art history.