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Untitled I, 2009
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Untitled II, 2009
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Untitled III, 2009
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Nicolas Sisto

Nicolas Sisto was born in the French Alps in 1982. Greatly influenced by the peace and majesty of the mountains, his first forays into photography were images he took in Italy with the gift of an old Nikon camera from his father. Sisto went on to become a dark room teacher and graduated from LGM College as a free candidate in photography. He furthered his fine art studies at the Grenoble School of Art in their sculpture department.
Sisto's work demonstrates an acute sensitivity to space and form, which may be attributed to his training in the visual arts, as well as in architecture.  He studied at the School of Architecture in Montreal and the National Superior School of Architecture in Grenoble, graduating with honors and being named an architect of the French State. There he explored the concept of minimalism and the evolution of ideas in the field of architecture. Sisto worked with the architect Cuno Brullman, as well as created residential edifices as an independent architect. A man of many talents, he is also a noted graphic designer.