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Born in Tel Aviv in 1952, Rotem is a world famous photographer whose images encompass fashion, still life, cars, liquor and travel. He was given his first box camera at the ripe age of six and learned the basics of shooting and dark room by observing his father, also a talented photographer. By the time he was a teenager, Rotem was convinced that life behind a lens was his future. He took on the role of photographer for the Tel Aviv High School Magazine and landed his first advertising job at 17. Rotem was drafted two years later and spent three years in the service. After that he traveled throughout Europe for six months and then settled in New York, opening his first studio at 38th Street and Fifth Avenue and later moving to 30th Street. For the next 20 years, Rotem became a top name in fashion photography, building a reputation for his black and white lighting and darkroom work, executed and controlled solely by the hand of the artist. Rotem began to work in digital about eight years ago.